The Annual Family Cafe

Reserve Your Exhibit Space at The 17th Annual Family Cafe

Exhibit space is now available for The 17th Annual Family Cafe, to be held June 5-7, 2015 at the Caribe Royale in Orlando!

The Annual Family Cafe is the ideal place to connect thousands of people with disabilities with your product, service or resource. It brings together an remarkably large audience of families, all of whom are searching for ways to improve the quality of life for their loved ones with disabilities. Last year's event attracted nearly 9,000 registered attendees, and The 17th Annual Family Cafe is sure to draw an equally large crowd.

To reserve your place in our Exhibit Hall, simply complete the Exhibitor Form and send it to us by fax or email. We'll look forward to seeing you in Orlando in June!

Pictures from The 16th Annual Family Cafe

The Family Cafe is pleased to let you know that photos from The 16th Annual Family Cafe are now available here on our website. We have a gallery of 600 images posted here. To see the complete set of photos, just click on the "Read More" link at the bottom of the article.

We had a wonderful time hosting The 16th Annual Family Cafe, and the pictures here definitely capture that! We hope you enjoy browsing through them!


Complete a Pink Card or Report Card

Every ypink cardear at The Annual Family Cafe, we offer attendees a chance to submit questions and comment to State Agencies through our "pink card" process. Everyone is invited to share their thoughts by completing a pink card. Then we distribute the questions and comments to the relevant offices and agencies. They send responses out to the people that submitted pink cards, and also give bundled responses back to The Family Cafe. We use those responses to create our Questions & Answers Book that is published each fall.

If you were are The 16th Annual Family Cafe, but didn't get a chance to submit a pink card, it's not too late! You can still complete a pink card and send it along to The Family Cafe. We will add your question or comment to those we have already collected, and make sure that you get a response. Even if you weren't able to attend The 16th Annual Family Cafe, you can still submit a pink card! All you have to do is download the card, complete it, and return it to our office. We'll take care of the rest!

Also, if you would like to give The Family Cafe some feedback about this year's event, you can complete a Report Card form and submit it to our office. We love to hear how you think we're doing!

Full Program for The 16th Annual Family Cafe Now Available

16thcoverThe Family Cafe is pleased to announce that the full program for The 16th Annual Family Cafe is now available for your viewing. To see the full program, follow this link.

The program includes details of every session at the event, including a full synopsis of every presentation. There are also details about the keynotes and special events we have planned, including The 16th Annual Governor's Summit on Disabilities on Saturday morning, and an appearance by NFL legend and disability advocate Dan Marino on Friday night.

There will be a lot going on at The 16th Annual Family Cafe, with dozens of activities and educational opportunities to choose from. So why not check out the program, and get a head start on planning your visit to The 16th Annual Family Cafe!


Visit the Employment Expo at The Annual Family Cafe

micro-ent-picDid you know that less than 30% of Floridians ages 21-64 with a disability are employed?

Meaningful employment is essential for everyone, whether they have a disability or not. Employment isn't just about income. It's also about the sense of purpose and personal development that accompanies having a job. Individuals with disabilities want to participate in the workforce and lead independent lives. They also deserve to feel the sense of pride and accomplishment that comes with employment. That's why The Family Cafe has joined forces with CareerSource Florida to make the Employment Expo part of the Exhibit Hall at The 16th Annual Family Cafe.

The Employment Expo brings attendees into contact with a number of businesses and agencies that can provide them with employment resources, advice on job-seeking skills and information about available positions. This year's participants include the Agency for Persons with Disabilities, CareerSource Florida, Cole Engineering, Lockheed Martin, Mary Kay Cosmetics, the Orlando Medical Center, The Krystal Company, the Social Security Administration, Universal Orlando Resort and the Walgreens Distribution Center.

CareerSource Florida brings together Florida’s workforce system under a single brand to connect employers and job seekers. At CareerSource Florida, and in the offices of its 24 regional partners statewide, its team is dedicated to helping all job seekers connect with opportunities and job success. CareerSource Florida network professionals work closely with employers to identify opportunities for job seekers with disabilities and to connect job seekers with the training and education they need to succeed. For more information, visit

You can find the Employment Expo in the Exhibit Hall on Friday, June 6th between 10 am and 6 pm. Representatives from all of our employment vendors will be on hand to review your resume, offer advice on how to find employment, and let you know how you can find out about job openings when they become available.

The Family Café and CareerSource Florida share the belief that individuals with disabilities deserve to enjoy the many benefits of participating in the workforce. Both organizations look forward to developing their partnership, and working together to help Florida’s economy benefit by accessing the untapped resource of employees with disabilities.


  • The Annual Family Cafe

    The Family Cafe Annual Conference began with a simple idea. Why not bring together individuals with disabilities and their families with state agencies, non-profit organizations and other service providers, so families could network with each other, learn what services are available to them, and find out the best way to go about accessing those services? The Annual Family Cafe would provide a unique environment where families could connect with peers, commercial service providers, and public entities. The Family Cafe has always believed that well-informed people make the best possible decisions for themselves and their loved ones. Our Annual Family Cafe provides the opportunity to put that principle into action.

    That initial vision has spawned the largest state-wide event of its kind in the nation. The 15th Annual Family Café, which occurred this past June, hosted more than 7,000 people, and included The Governor Summit on Disabilities, 170 educational sessions, three Keynote Addresses, an Outdoor Adaptive Sports Demonstration, an Exhibit Hall with more than 70 public and private vendors, including several self-advocate owned Micro-Enterprises, and a variety of family-friendly fun activities.

    Thanks in large part to the support of the State of Florida the Family Cafe has been able to affect the lives of over 100,000 individuals across the state through education, training and networking. Attendees enjoy the opportunity to collaborate with other families and state agency personnel to discuss their concerns, share best practices and gain a better overall understanding of how to utilize the service delivery system. Additionally, due to the participation of WellCare, Disability Rights Florida, AT&T, the Agency for Persons with Disabilities, Department of Education, The Department of Education/Division of Vocational Rehabilitation, the Division of Emergency Management, The Florida Department of Health/Big Bend Health Council, The Department of Health/Children's Medical Services Network, Workforce Florida, Publix Super Markets Charities, Amerigroup, United Health Care, and U.S. Military, the Family Café is able to offer free registration to the conference. Furthermore, attendees are able to apply for financial assistance to offset the cost of attending.


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