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The Noodle: The Official Newsletter of the FYC

The Noodle is Now Available

The Noodle newsletter is written and published by members of the Florida Youth Council (FYC)! Through various issues of The Noodle, members of the council write about a multitude of topics that relate to their lives.

To access the Noodle, please follow this link

The FYC Celebrates Disability History and Awareness Weeks

The Florida Youth CouncilOctober 1, marks the opening of Disability History and Awareness Weeks in Florida. Disability History and Awareness Weeks were created in Florida statute in 2008, thanks in large part to the tireless efforts of The Florida Youth Council. The legislation they worked to see enacted encourages school districts throughout the State of Florida to develop curriculum that highlights the many contributions that individuals with disabilities have made to our nation, our state, and our local communities. It also provides an occasion for Florida students to learn about the disability experience, and embrace the inclusion of their peers with disabilities.

To celebrate DHAW, The FYC has published a new edition of its newsletter, The Noodle . FYC members share their personal stories of inclusion and awareness, and highlight the importance of equality for people with disabilities. Members of the FYC are also participating in Opening and Closing Ceremonies and the DOE building in Tallahassee, and getting involved on local events around the state.

Over the next ten days, we will be sharing some facts, statistics and thoughts on the disability experience through our social media outlets on Twitter and Facebook. We encourage you to join us there! And if there’s a Disability History and Awareness activity going on in your community, we would love to hear about it.

Thanks very much for joining us in celebrating Disability History and Awareness!

The August 2014 Noodle is now Available

The August 2014 Noodle Newsletter, written and published by the Florida Youth Council (FYC.), is not here.  In this issue of The Noodle, members of the council were asked to write about major life changes and accomplishments that they achieved recently. This topic was chosen as a way to highlight some of the good things that are happening to FYC members. The articles that were written focus on pursuing and accomplishing dream such as graduation from college and getting a job in their chosen career field. One article focuses on turning thirty and realizing that doesn’t mean the end of the world. The FYC members truly hope that the few minutes you take out of your busy schedule to read their articles and celebrating their accomplishments and life changes in this August 2014 Edition of The Noodle Newsletter.   

To view The August 2014 Noodle please follow this link.

The February 2012 Edition of The Noodle is Here!

The FYC is excited to have you read this edition of The Noodle. In this edition, FYC members were asked to write about their dream jobs. We all have a dream job, and the FYC members are no different. Their dream jobs range from being the president of the United States to being a website designer. The FYC hopes that you enjoy these articles, which are both personal and insightful, that make up the February 2012 Edition of the ever popular Noodle.

You can access this edition of The Noodle my following this Link.

The January 2012 Edition of The Noodle is Available Now!!!

Welcome all to the first edition of The Noodle in this new year. The Florida Youth Council is excited to have you read and enjoy the January 2012 Edition of The Noodle in which members wrote about their favorite sports. Their favorite sports are sure to surprise and that it beauty of The Noodle. You never get typical responses. The entire Council hopes you enjoy and are entertained by the articles in this special edition of The Noodle.


You can access The 2012 Edition of The Noodle here. 

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