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The Florida Youth Council

The Florida Youth Council

The Florida Youth Council is a group of youth (age 15-17) and emerging leaders (age 18-30) with disabilities or special health care needs that live in Florida.

The FYC is all about getting youth and emerging leaders involved in self-advocacy, peer mentoring and other activities that will improve the quality of life for youth and emerging leaders with disabilities in Florida. The program empowers youth and emerging leaders to decide what issues are important to their generation, to express those issues in their state and local communities, and to develop strategies to solve them.

The Florida Youth Council will offer a myriad of opportunities for interested youth and emerging leaders to participate, including an Annual Youth Summit, program content at The Family Café, a program Newsletter in both electronic and print formats, and a comprehensive online outreach program that takes advantage the power of social networking.

At this stage, we are ready to begin recruiting members. If you or someone you know would be interested in becoming part of the Florida Youth Council, you can download the application by following this link.

You can find more information on the Florida Youth Council by visiting their website at, or by contacting our office any time. You can also learn more by following the links below.

The February 2012 Edition of The Noodle is Here!

The FYC is excited to have you read this edition of The Noodle. In this edition, FYC members were asked to write about their dream jobs. We all have a dream job, and the FYC members are no different. Their dream jobs range from being the president of the United States to being a website designer. The FYC hopes that you enjoy these articles, which are both personal and insightful, that make up the February 2012 Edition of the ever popular Noodle.

You can access this edition of The Noodle my following this Link.

The December 2014 Noodle is Now Available

The December 2014 Noodle newsletter, written and published by the Florida Youth Council (FYC), is now here! In this issue of The Noodle, members of the council were asked to write about how they enjoy winter and the holidays in Florida. This topic let members share their personal experiences with a warmer winter. Members wrote aboutanything from pajama parties and palm trees to sandmen and a tan Santa. 

To access the December 2014 Noodle, please follow this link.

The FYC Presents the IEP Guidebook

fla youth council3.jpgThe Florida Youth Council is excited to announce the publication of its new IEP guide book, "Navigating Your IEP." This publication, which has been created by youth, for youth, offers friendly, peer to peer guidance for youth and emerging leaders that want to take more of a leadership role in the IEP process. It includes information about the important pieces that each IEP should include, how youth can prepare to participate in their IEP meeting, and most importantly, why it is so essential for youth with disabilities to take control of planning their futures.

"Navigating Your IEP" is available online in pdf format by following this link. We encourage you to share it with youth in your family and your community, and to give us any feedback you may have about what we've put together.


The January 2012 Edition of The Noodle is Available Now!!!

Welcome all to the first edition of The Noodle in this new year. The Florida Youth Council is excited to have you read and enjoy the January 2012 Edition of The Noodle in which members wrote about their favorite sports. Their favorite sports are sure to surprise and that it beauty of The Noodle. You never get typical responses. The entire Council hopes you enjoy and are entertained by the articles in this special edition of The Noodle.


You can access The 2012 Edition of The Noodle here. 

The March 2014 Noodle is Now Available

In this issue of The Noodle, members of the Florida Youth Council were asked, “What childhood activity were you the best at?” This very personal question had member reaching into their past and bring forth a feeling a nostalgia that show through their articles. Member wrote about being good at cards game, both traditional and off beat, sports, swimming, video games, and even chicken showing. The FYC members truly hope that the few minutes you take out of your busy schedule to read their articles will help you to better under their passion as kids.


To access the March 2014 Noodle click here. 

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