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The Florida Youth Council

The Florida Youth Council

The Florida Youth Council is a group of youth (age 15-17) and emerging leaders (age 18-30) with disabilities or special health care needs that live in Florida.

The FYC is all about getting youth and emerging leaders involved in self-advocacy, peer mentoring and other activities that will improve the quality of life for youth and emerging leaders with disabilities in Florida. The program empowers youth and emerging leaders to decide what issues are important to their generation, to express those issues in their state and local communities, and to develop strategies to solve them.

The Florida Youth Council will offer a myriad of opportunities for interested youth and emerging leaders to participate, including an Annual Youth Summit, program content at The Family Café, a program Newsletter in both electronic and print formats, and a comprehensive online outreach program that takes advantage the power of social networking.

At this stage, we are ready to begin recruiting members. If you or someone you know would be interested in becoming part of the Florida Youth Council, you can download the application by following this link.

You can find more information on the Florida Youth Council by visiting their website at, or by contacting our office any time. You can also learn more by following the links below.

Special Holiday Edition of The Noodle

The Florida Youth Council invites you to read their special Holiday Edition of The Noodle. In this edition FYC member write about their own holiday traditions, the family members that only see during the this time of years and they recall the best Christmas presents they have ever received.


At this busy time of the year, the FYC hope you will take a few minutes out of your day to read their articles.


You can access their holiday edition of the Noodle Here

The February 2014 Noodle is Now Available

In this issue of The Noodle, members of the Florida Youth council were asked, “What new item are you most looking forward to coming out?” Member’s articles show a huge interest in movies coming out this spring and summer. They also express interest in games, books, and even a relatively new medium in shaping how we get new products. The FYC hopes that you will enjoy reading about what they are looking forward to coming in next few months the February 2014 Edition of The Noodle

To View The February 2014 Noodle follow this link.

The October 2011 Edition of The Noodle

Calling everyone,

The October 2011 Edition The Noodle is here. For this edition of the ever popular Noodle Newsletter, the FYC members were asked what the best part of having a disability is. The members really embraced this topic and the results were a mix of some funny reasons to some very serious reasons. The variety is sure to keep everyone reading. We hope you enjoy the council member’s responses and also the letters from the always sassy Ms. Saucey and the slightly twisted Professor Linguine.

The FYC hopes that you will enjoy all of the articles in the October Edition of The Noodle by following this link.

The January 2014 Noodle is now Avaliable

In this opening issue of the 2014 year, members of the council were asked, “What is the biggest thing that has happened to you recently?” Their articles show off their interests and their desires to better themselves. One member writes about getting started in college and another about going to see his team play for a National Championship. These are just two examples of what is going on in the members lives. The FYC hopes that you will enjoy their about what is happening in their lives as this news years get underway in the January 2014 Edition of The Noodle. 


You can access the January 2014 Noodle by following this link. 

The Family Cafe Wins Federal Youth Grant

govmattfamily cafe003 copyThe Family Café has been awarded a three-year grant from the Administration on Developmental Disabilities within the US Department of Health and Human Services to create a Youth Information, Training and Resource Center in Florida. 

The program will provide assistance and training to youth and emerging leaders with disabilities as they navigate their transition from educational settings to the workplace and the adult world. Through a combination of peer mentoring, professional training and internships, The Family Café will foster leadership and nurture success among the participating youth and emerging leaders.

The core of the program will be the Florida Youth Council, a select group of youth and emerging leaders with disabilities that are committed to advocating for the successful transition of their peers with disabilities. The Family Café will also offer myriad opportunities for interested youth and emerging leaders to participate in the program, including:

  • An Annual Youth Summit

  • Program content at The Family Café Annual Conference

  • A program Newsletter in both electronic and print formats


  • A comprehensive Online Outreach Program that takes advantage the power of social networking through the internet


  • An Information and Referral Service that will be available to direct youth to available resources in response to specific inquiries

If you are interested in becoming a Florida Youth Council member, you can download the application form by clicking here!


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