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The 2018 Women's Summit

The 2018 Women’s Summit offered a full day of networking, personal growth, and camaraderie among women in varying stages of life who hold diverse interests and needs, but share a desire to better take care of their own health and well-being, so they can in turn support the health and wellness of their family members.

As caregivers, women too often experience the stress and burnout that tends to accompany that role. The purpose of the Women’s Summit is to connect caregivers with knowledge and resources focused on self-care, in a safe, friendly, compassionate environment.

At the 2018 Women’s Summit, attendees were able to find take-home wellness strategies, learn about the importance of good gut health, and release stress with sound, song, movement and deep relaxation. Attendees emerged rejuvenated, reconnected, and ready to confidently move forward in their role as caregiver.

The 2018 Women's Summit Part 1

The 2018 Women's Summit Part 2


The 2019 Women's Summit

The 2019 Women's Summit provided an opportunity for female caregivers to come together to recharge their batteries and go inward to discover their own truths, set new life-enhancing goals, and learn new information and techniques to support their journey. 

This day-long Summit included mutliple sessions addressing various issues and techniques designed to refresh and empower participants. These sessions are available for viewing here.

Women's Summit Morning Session

Women's Summit Belief Session

Women's Summit Brazilian Voices Session

Women's Summit Mindfulness Session

Women's Summit Acupuncture Session

Women's Summit Afternoon Yoga Session


Meet Bambi Lockman, Bureau Chief in the Bureau of Exceptional Education and Student Services, Florid

Bambi Lockman will speak about some of the latest initiatives and activities within the Bureau during the first part of the session. She will then demonstrate the ESE Process web system in the second portion of her presentation. Given at the 9th Annual Family Cafe Conference. Click here.

Discover Health From Within: Create and Live Optimal & Dynamic Health

Discover Health From Within is about expanding one’s perspective about who we are, the sources of our illnesses and diseases, and the ways in which we can optimize our health and live from a dynamic place where dreams once again seem possible. It is about making informed choices about optimal health solutions.

This training offers new approaches to health and wellness that are based on research that combines study of the physical body with that of the spiritual, emotional and psychological self. New understanding that accounts for both the neurological and the psychological has illuminated the powerful connections between our mind and body. Research has shown how these connections inform our healing processes, and have opened up new approaches to wellness. This new perspective is too often not readily available to families with a member with a mental illness or disability.

Part One of Discover Health from Within

Part Two of Discover Health from Within


Friday Keynote with Dan Marino and Tonier Cain

Friday June 6th at The 16th Annual Family Cafe featured a two-part keynote, with NFL great Dan Marino and trauma survivor and advocate Tonier Cain. Dan Marino shared his personal experience as the parent of a child with autism, and discussed the work being done by The Dan Marino Foundation to help people with disabilities. Tonier Cain shared her personal story of trauma and recovery, and offered insight into how asking what happened to a person can be much more illuminating that asking what is "wrong" with them.

Friday Keynote with Dan Marino and Tonier Cain

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