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Fresh Start Consumer Network of Florida

The Fresh Start Consumer Network of Florida (Statewide Consumer Network), established in 2006 and recognized/funded through SAMHSA in 2009 as Florida’s Statewide Consumer Network, focuses on its primary purpose of expanding its advocacy for culturally and linguistically competent services to underserved populations by developing and promoting activities and trainings throughout Florida, educating and empowering peers, and building new infrastructure that prioritizes peer and provider collaboration. This presentation focuses on education on Recovery Oriented practices, educating the community on the efforts promoted by Fresh Start Consumer Network, with a focus on establishing sustainable mechanisms for integrating the consumer “voice” in behavioral health systems and service delivery by preparing consumer leaders throughout the State of Florida through no-cost training, role modeling, and mutual peer support, in efforts of transforming the status quo towards a Recovery Oriented System of Care. Fresh Start also strives to promote skill development, with an emphasis on leadership and management, empowering consumers through training and support to ensure they are the catalysts for transforming the behavioral health and related systems in Florida, and to promote/increase peer services and the number of Peer Specialists in Florida’s behavioral health system of care that is truly person centered.

Fresh Start Consumer Network of Florida

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