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The 21st Annual Family Cafe Videos

The 2019 Women's Summit

The 2019 Women's Summit provided an opportunity for female caregivers to come together to recharge their batteries and go inward to discover their own truths, set new life-enhancing goals, and learn new information and techniques to support their journey. 

This day-long Summit included mutliple sessions addressing various issues and techniques designed to refresh and empower participants. These sessions are available for viewing here.

Women's Summit Morning Session

Women's Summit Belief Session

Women's Summit Brazilian Voices Session

Women's Summit Mindfulness Session

Women's Summit Acupuncture Session

Women's Summit Afternoon Yoga Session


Raising the Bar on Transitioning to Adulthood and Employment

For parents of teens with disabilities, it may seem that pursuing employment is a bit like having a joust with a windmill: it is an impossible dream. But what if the impossible dream were possible? What if successful transition to adulthood with a higher education and/or a career that provides self-sufficiency were possible? Come join us for a conversation about raising the bar on expectations for transition to adulthood. Let’s chase the impossible dream together by exploring Vocational Rehabilitation, the Division of Blind Services, the Agency for Persons with Disabilities, accommodations and more.

View "Raising the Bar on Transitioning to Adulthood and Employment" here.

The ABCs of IEPs

Navigating the world of special education services can be daunting when you feel like you need a translator just to keep up with all the acronyms thrown around by school districts and advocates
alike. This presentation will explain the IEP process (and all the many acronyms that go along with it). We will make sense of the language of special education as we walk through the process of identification, evaluation, initial eligibility for an Individualized Education Plan, and the IEP amendment process, using hypotheticals and sample forms.

View "The ABCs of IEPs" here.

Get the Skills to Land your First Job or Advance in your Current Job

Many of us think of skills as special abilities that are needed to complete a job, such as a pilot’s ability to fly a plane, or a mechanic’s ability to repair a car. However, many of the most important skills needed in today’s workplace are those that help us work well with others, manage time and resources, or adapt to change. These are “soft skills,” and this workshop will review the importance of having those essential soft skills to get and keep a job.

View "Get the Skills to Land your First Job or Advance in your Current Job" here.

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