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The ABCs of IEPs

Navigating the world of special education services can be daunting when you feel like you need a translator just to keep up with all the acronyms thrown around by school districts and advocates
alike. This presentation will explain the IEP process (and all the many acronyms that go along with it). We will make sense of the language of special education as we walk through the process of identification, evaluation, initial eligibility for an Individualized Education Plan, and the IEP amendment process, using hypotheticals and sample forms.

View "The ABCs of IEPs" here.

National Council on Disability Listening Session

At The 14th Annual Family Cafe, National Council on Disability (NCD) Vice Chair Janice Lehrer-Stein and Gary Blumenthal both Presidentially-appointed, Senate-confirmed Members of the Council, invited attendees to join them for a listening session to learn from families of individuals with disabilities, the experts of your own lives. NCD is interested in hearing about concerns and solutions to the issues affecting families to better inform work the agency does.

You can view this session in its entirety in four parts.

National Council on Disability Part 1

National Council on Disability Part 2

National Council on Disability Part 3

National Council on Disability Part 4

Delegate Roundtable: Mental Health

One of the best ways for people that are new to a situation to become educated about their options is to speak with someone that has “been there” and “done that.” This year at the annual conference, The Family Café Delegates will be hosting roundtable conversations where parents can network with other parents to share experiences and strategies that have worked for them. If you are new to parenting a child with a disability, or if you have a particular challenge your family is facing, this session may provide the support and guidance you need.

Delegate Roundtable: Mental Health

Meet APD Director Barbara Palmer

Florida Governor Rick Scott appointed Barbara Palmer director of the Agency for Persons with Disabilities in August 2012. Since then, APD has moved 1,600 people off the waiting list and ended the fiscal year without a deficit. Come and hear about Director Palmer’s priorities for the agency in 2014 and beyond.

Meet APD Director Barbara Palmer

Developing a Trauma Informed System of Care using System of Care Values

In this presentation we will discuss why the development of a trauma-informed system of care is important to a community, and how to develop it around the system of care values of being family driven, youth-guided, community-based and culturally and linguistically competent. A discussion of the development of the Whole Child Leon-PACT Partnership will provide a real life experience of developing a strengths-based system of service provision and family empowerment, that by its very nature is a trauma-informed system of care.

Developing a Trauma Informed System of Care using System of Care Values

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